Tuesday, August 31, 2010

EUR/USD: Trading the U.S. ISM Manufacturing Report

As the economic rebound in the U.S. cools, a slower pace of expansion in manufacturing could drag on the greenback as policy makers expect to see a moderate recovery going forward given the ongoing weakness within the private sector.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Forex Brokers

We keep a neutral stance with all forex brokers, and do not do independent reviews. However, we can make a recommendation. EarnForex allows traders to make their own judgments about brokerage firms. Check them out at: Forex Broker – Sortable list of the on-line Forex brokers, divided into 11 categories. Detailed broker descriptions, reviews and rating by the traders.

Forex Training

There are plenty of forex training websites today but very few are free and even less are worth reading. We hope that through our free email newsletter and forex training tools on our website that you’ll be able to learn the forex market and make money. Forex is something that can’t be learned in one day and it takes studying to become profitable. Don’t pay thousands of dollars to learn the foreign exchange market, our forex training program is free to all.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is both gratifying and profitable, encompassing elements of both the stock market and other tradeable securities. Investors interested in trading forex should be ready for a steep learning curve however, but the results from the proper training can be incredible. Learning to trade forex is not a one step process, rather it is a long term investment in both your financial future and your own forex education.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Lessons Can Be Learned From The Global Financial Crisis?

By Jonathan Dayan – It’s no secret that the global financial crisis has had an enormous impact on the way people invest. The shroud of mystery which once hung over the financial markets appears to have lifted for good. In the aftermath of the crisis, millions more people have been

USDJPY may be forming a cycle bottom at 84.72

USDJPY may be forming a cycle bottom at 84.72 level on daily chart. Key resistance is at the falling trend line, a clear break above the trend line resistance could confirm the cycle bottom, then the following upward movement could bring price to 87.00-88.00 area. Support is at 84.72, only …

Forex For Beginners – The Pro’s Don’t Use Forex Robots And Neither Should You

By Mark Slater – Most forex for beginners articles and forums concentrate mainly on automated forex trading robots guaranteeing that you can make huge sums of money without doing anything more than using a simple and cheap software program. Just think about that for a moment – if these programs …

Friday, August 13, 2010

Currency Trading: An Introduction

Forex, foreign exchange and fx trading are all different names for currency trading, where one currency is exchanged for another in the hope of making money when the exchange rates change. These rates are constantly changing due to market news, national events or a knock on effect from changes in the stock exchange.

At the most basic level, imagine you exchanged some US dollars for British pounds. You might give $100 to buy £65. Then the rate changes in your favor so you exchange them back again. Now with the new rate you get $102 for your £65. You just made $2 or 2% of your investment.

Currency traders do this kind of thing all of the time with the aim of increasing their funds through many small trades. They trade on margins so that they can control larger amounts with only a small investment. In the above example, you might only have to hold $10 in your brokerage account to make the purchase even though the amount is $100. The broker covers the rest on the assumption that the market is unlikely to change by more than 10% in a short time.

Forex trading has been around for over 30 years but until the rise of the internet it was almost entirely in the hands of banks and other institutions with large investment funds. These days ordinary people can get involved on their home computers although the financial institutions are still the major players. When I tell you that around US $4 trillion changes hands every day on the currency trading markets you will understand that only a small part of this belongs to ordinary people like you and me.

Foreign exchange is a worldwide market and because of the different time zones around the world you can trade almost any time. Sydney, Australia is the first currency exchange market to open each day, and by the end of the business day in New York the Sydney market is open again for the next day's trading. So for 5 days per week this is truly a 24 hour market. It only closes on weekends.

You are not limited to dealing in your own country's currency so if your national economy is in a very unpredictable state you can switch to trading two other currencies that are a little more stable. While it is true that a volatile situation with big fluctuations can give you big profits in a short time, it is extremely risky to get involved in a currency that is experiencing a crisis.

These days brokers are going all out to attract the new type of home investor who does not have a lot of capital, so you can get started with just a few hundred dollars. They will provide you with software that allows you to make trades on your account, and real time market information including charts to show you the direction of movement of the different currency pairs.

With so much money changing hands every day, foreign exchange is a high liquidity market. This means that your capital will not be tied up for the long term as it might be if you bought certain kinds of stocks.

Apart from some funds to invest, the main things that you need to get started with currency trading are good money management skills, self discipline, a profitable system to follow and perhaps a forex robot to apply your system for you. When you have these in place, currency trading can be fun and quite profitable.Menu
Currency Trading


Currency Trading - Crafting a Better Online Forex Trading Experience

At ForexTraders.com, we believe that successful currency trading requires knowledge, experience and a disciplined approach to the market. Every page of this website is dedicated to these three factors in some fashion. The popularity of Forex Trading has grown dramatically in the last five years as globalization swept the planet, raising Online Forex Trading to higher levels of sophistication, complexity and specialization. Time optimization is now extremely critical. Professional support must make every second count. Success in foreign exchange depends now, more than ever before, on wisely guided execution. ForexTraders.com has experienced professionals in your corner providing expert advice, educational tools, forex market commentary, and best practices guidance to ensure more time for your active trading.

Major Currencies

Currency Symbol Units per USD USD per Unit
Australian Dollar AUD 1.1103 0.9007
Canadian Dollar CAD 1.0377 0.9637
Euro EUR 0.7778 1.2857
Japanese Yen JPY 85.956 0.0116
Pakistan Rupee PKR 85.59 0.0117
U.A.E Dirham AED 3.6729 0.2723
UK Pound Sterling GBP 0.6392 1.5646
US Dollar USD 1 1


Currency Symbol Bank Buying
TT Clean Bank Selling
TT & OD Charts
Australian Dollar AUD 77.03 77.21
Canadian Dollar CAD 82.29 82.48
Danish Krone DKK 14.77 14.81
Euro EUR 110.08 110.34
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 11.02 11.05
Japanese Yen JPY 0.99 1
Saudi Riyal SAR 22.84 22.89
Singapore Dollar SGD 63.02 63.17
Swedish Korona SEK 11.61 11.64
Swiss Franc CHF 81.64 81.83
U.A.E Dirham AED 23.32 23.37
UK Pound Sterling GBP 133.76 134.08
US Dollar USD 85.65 85.85
open markeets rates international rates

Saturday, August 7, 2010

US ELFA: New Business Leasing Activity +25% in June

WASHINGTON (MNI) – The following is the text of the Equipment
Leasign and Finance Association’s summary of its monthly leasing and
finance report, published Tuesday:

Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s Survey of Economic
Activity: Monthly Leasing and Finance Index

US sells $38 bln 2-year notes at 0.665; bid to cover 3.33

Solid demand, it would appear. Rates are a good deal higher today, so that likely helped demand. We’ve been below 0.60% in recent days.

EUR/JPY testing highs late in trading day

In this, the final hour of the trading data, EUR/JPY is attacking session and range highs in the 114.30 area. I have a sinking suspicion there is options related interest at 114.50 and 115.00, but I can’t prove it That should slow any rally, but as we’ve seen in EUR, …

US Sen.Reid: Hopes to Begin Senate Debate on Energy Bill Soon

–Senate Majority Leader: Want to Finish Work on Small Biz Bill First
–May Also Try to Pass Food Safety Bill Before Energy Debate
–Senate Will Take Up Kagan Nomination Next Week

By John Shaw

WASHINGTON (MNI) – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday
he will try to begin …

USD/JPY: Japanese players buying call options

USD/JPY got very busy during the London session yesterday and it was the options market which was the driving force. Big Japanese players were actively buying out-of-the-money calls of relatively short duration. This indicates that they believe some event may occur which will drive USD/JPY higher in the very near …

Oil prices below $80 as demand sluggish

Oil prices are hovering just below per barrel, at around for September crude delivery in Tuesday’s (July 27) early New York Mercantile Exchange trade. Still moving in sync with equities in the big picture, the price of oil is limited by continued reports of sluggish crude demand levels in the US.
How long oil speculation lines up with equity direction remains to be seen. If reports on US crude inventory levels continue to show less demand than expected by analysts, it is quite possible stocks could carry …


The Pound has seen good price movement against the lower-yielding currencies like the Dollar and the Yen today, as the FTSE 350 Banks Index gained and the UK currency also withstood a cut in the UK economic growth forecast from the Ernst & Young LLP Item Club. There have been some suggestions that the surprising acceleration in UK gross domestic product in the second quarter will mark the peak of the economic recovery. On Friday, the preliminary estimate of GDP in the three months to June rose 1.1%, almost double …

Forex Legend – The Next Generation of Forex Trading is Here

This cutting-edge new technology solves this problem forever.Secondly, you never again suffer huge draw-downs when you trade.Last-generation Robots (usually) work for a while then there is a “shift” in the market, they misfire and you forfeit all the gains you made.This new Robot uses revolutionary technology,Forex Legend which adapts in real-time -like a Top Dog FX Trader – makes sure this never happens again.

That way you get to keep – and grow – all your profits!Thirdly, you can make a guaranteed, secure long-term income.Last-generation Robots only worked for a short-time, if at all.Once they stopped working, you had to find a new way of earning a living.That’s a stressful way to live and makes it impossible to plan for your future.This new Robot, Forex Legend is completely different.Works in all market condition

The next technology works in any market condition and adapts in real-time so that you can sit back and watch your account grow for years and decades into the future.The truth is…This new Robot is so good that you have to see it live, in action, for yourself…

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Can Forex Trading Be Taught?

Most Traders Won’t Accept Help or Training.

Many aspiring forex traders believe they do not need any outside help when learning how to trade the forex market. I call “an aspiring trader” anybody that is not yet a “Professional Trader”. Part of the allure of trading in general is the independent lifestyle and freedom that it can provide for you if you are successful at it, but to achieve this takes time, and knowledge, and that knowledge needs to come from somewhere. One negative aspect of the independent attitude that trading elicits in people is the fact that many new or struggling traders believe they can effectively teach themselves how to profitably trade the forex market ( Usually a Huge Mistake). While this may indeed be the case for some, it definitely is not the case for most, and even for people who do effectively teach themselves how to become profitable traders it is almost always after years of frustration and thousands of dollars of lost money in useless trading systems and or blown out trading accounts. There is a very simple way to greatly reduce the probability of having to experience such emotionallyand financially painful events; follow a respected trading mentor who can share knowledge and years of experiences with you. There is no better way to learn trading and trading strategies than from somebody already in the trading business, We will get to this in detail later in this article, but for now lets take a look at some real world examples of “How Trading Can Be Learned and Taught to an Aspiring Trading Student”

• Nature vs. Nurture

The debate over whether or not trading can be taught simply boils down to the age old psychology issue of “nature vs. nurture”, that is, is trading a skill that can be taught to people who have no prior experience or is it just a natural talent that you are either born with or not? This issue of trading being taught vs. it being a natural gift was first made popular by the famous story of Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt who had an ongoing dispute in mid-1983 about whether traders were born or made. Dennis believed he could teach people to become great traders but Eckhardt thought genetics were the determining factor. They posted ads for trading apprentices in the major financial newspapers stating that after a brief training session, the trainees would be supplied with their own trading account.
The group was invited to Chicago in December of 1983, after learning the rules Dennis wanted them to trade with; they began trading small accounts in January and after they proved themselves Dennis funded most of the trainees with 1 million dollars in February. This group became known as the “Turtles”, Dennis named them this after a saying he had heard on a recent trip to Singapore. The Turtles went on to become the most famous experiment in trading history because over the next four years they earned a total sum of over $100 million dollars. Richard Dennis thus proved that a simple set of rules could be used to take people with little or no trading experience and turn them into very profitable traders.

• The Importance of learning from a Mentor

One of the most ironic aspects to forex currency trading is that most people think they do not need assistance from a successful professional forex trader while learning to trade. Most people are fully aware that only about 10% of people that attempt trading ever make consistent money at, the other 90% either quit or lose so much money they are forced to quit before they figure out how to trade effectively. The irony here is that most people are fully aware of these statistics, at least in the back of their mind. So if trading is so difficult and most everyone knows it, then why are so few people willing to accept help from someone who has already figured out what it takes to become successful at it? The simple answer is pride, ego, arrogance, any or all of the above. The bottom line however, is that ego and pride mean nothing to the market. In fact, arrogance and pride will only hurt you as a trader, so the very fact that some people are unwilling to accept help from a professional trader is probably the very reason why they will fail; an overflow of pride. Now I am not claiming I have the “holy grail” here to show you how to print money, but I can confidently say I have “Genuine Knowledge and Real World Trading Strategies” to teach my students, which will not only save them many years of “searching” for strategies, but if applied correctly will likely produce good trades on a consistant basis for those that learn, study, and apply it.

Almost every single job in the “real world” requires you be trained “on the job” by an experienced professional at this job. I think it’s safe to say that most “regular” jobs are much easier, at least mentally, than figuring out what it takes to make money consistently in the forex market. As you need to be trained in any other skill by a professional in the field, so you need to be trained by a professional forex trader, if you wish to become a professional forex trader. There are people who do learn to trade on their own, but I promise you their path is much harder and filled with many more pitfalls that the person who lets down their walls and accepts the help of a professional trader. Now again, I remind you, I am not promising mircales, but I am promising a “short cut” to knowledge and skills that may otherwise take you years to learn and use. As a trading coach, my job is to transfer my knowledge of trading, put you on the correct path and mind set, so that you can then go out and continue to learn and grow as a trader.

• My background

I began as a stock trader when I was in high school, I parlayed my interest and passion for trading into a full-time trading career right after I graduated and haven’t looked back since. That’s not to say I haven’t experience my fair share of losses and frustration, because I have, but my passion for trading and natural knack for understanding market dynamics kept my head above water long enough for me to discover the best trading technique in the world; price action analysis. Once I became a fully converted price action trader, learning from the work of others and my own experiences and screen time, my trading results began getting more consistent, eventually I was managing money for private clients and producing double digit annual percentage returns for them. My extensive work with financial firms here in Australia, as well as learning from other professional traders, has enabled me to see how the big boys trade and further enhanced my understanding of how markets move. I have morphed my trading style into a comprehensive price action educational course that is great for newbie’s and advanced traders alike. My live seminars have worked to further my teaching style and my students love the flare and style that I have for teaching price action trading.

• Price Action is not just a set of rules

While the example of Richard Dennis and the “turtles” was a good example of the fact that trading can indeed be taught, there is a problem with learning a strict set of trading rules. Specifically, strict trading rules will not work in all market conditions; they may work great in a bull market or in a bear market, but fail miserably in sideways markets. What learning price action does for you is gives you a unique perspective on the market that allows you to profit in all market conditions. You are not just learning a strict set of rules that will only work in a bull market; you are learning a way of making sense out of price movement and learning how to spot specific price action setups that remain profitable in all market conditions. In this way, price action is truly the best method to learn how to trade with. Not only will I share all my professional trading knowledge and experiences, but you are getting taught what is in my opinion, the most relevant and consistently profitable way to trade the markets, which is without doubt , Price action analysis.

If your interested in learning more about ‘Price Action Forex Trading Strategies‘ , check out My Free Forex Trading Videos and Pro Forex Course Here

Good Trading and See You In the Members Area Soon,

Nial Fuller

Forex Trader and Coach - Learn To Trade The Market

Copyright 2010 Nial Fuller - Learn To Trade

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Forex News

Mon, 02 Aug 2010 11:15:25 UTC
FOREX-Dollar hurt by economy worries, Aussie at 3-mth high (at Reuters)
* Dollar index dips to fresh 3-month low
Mon, 02 Aug 2010 09:34:55 UTC
Q+A-Will Japan intervene to curb yen s rise? (at Reuters)
A broad fall in the dollar has propelled the yen higher, bringing the Japanese currency within range of levels it has not traded at for 15 years and raising speculation whether even more gains will tempt Japanese authorities to intervene.
Mon, 02 Aug 2010 08:03:52 UTC
Japan deputy finmin: Don t see yen rises as rapid (at Reuters)
Japanese Deputy Finance Minister Naoki Minezaki said on Monday he did not see yen rises as rapid as of today. Minezaki also told a news conference that he would prefer not to comment on currency levels.
Mon, 02 Aug 2010 06:42:59 UTC
Euro a little higher at $1.3081 (AP)
The euro is a little higher against the dollar at the start of a week that includes the European Central Bank s monthly interest rate meeting and a key U.S. employment report.
Mon, 02 Aug 2010 06:19:23 UTC
Forex & Commodities: High-Yielders Rise as Stocks Gain (at CNBC)
The Aussie and the New Zealand dollar climbed on Monday as firmer regional equities give higher-yielders a leg up.
Mon, 02 Aug 2010 05:27:00 UTC
FOREX-High-yielders gain, dollar index hits 3-month low (at Reuters)
* Dollar index dips below support near 81.44 * Aussie rises, yen slips as regional shares climb * Sterling touches 5-mth high vs dollar
Mon, 02 Aug 2010 03:57:16 UTC
FOREX-High-yielders gain, dollar index hits 3-mth low (at Reuters)
* Dollar index dips below support near 81.44 * Aussie rises, yen slips as regional shares climb * Sterling touches 5-mth high vs dollar
Mon, 02 Aug 2010 00:29:00 UTC
Caixin Online: China s forex chief: Inflation eased yuan pressure (at MarketWatch)
Inflation in China over the past decade has taken pressure off the yuan s foreign exchange rate, bringing the rate closer to equilibrium than it was 10 years ago, the head of China s State Administration of Foreign Exchange tells Caixin Online.
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